Password-Finder 2.2

Displays passwords already saved on the PC

Finds the passwords hidden behind asterisks and displays them. Works with most Windows applications, but can't deal with web forms. Useful for those who forget their passwords.

Many people, like myself, create passwords and choose the save option so the program will remember their passwords and then after few weeks they forget their passwords and cannot remember it anymore. This is a great common problem that a lot of people face every now and then. The fix for this problem is very easy - download Password-Finder, a 373 Kb. tool provided by Sven Bader - Softwareentwicklung & Webdesign. It is a great small application that will solve this problem in just one second and save you several hours or even days of trying to remember your forgotten password. All you need after installing this tool is to drag the blue magnifying glass icon on the application's window and drop it on the place where you have saved your password directly over the asterisks. Now all you need is to return to the Password-Finder and you will see the password that you have forgotten shown to you. One disability found on this program is that it doesn't work at all with saved passwords in web forms. But fortunately, there are other specialized programs that can reveal saved web passwords.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Freeware
  • Easy and simple


  • No auto copying of password
  • Doesn't work with web forms
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